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Superfit Instruments

Since 1970, Superfit Continental Private Limited has been a leading source of laboratory Glassware and Scientific Instruments for Industries, Institutes and R & D Labs. Superfit is a manufacturer of specialized and unique instruments like Rota-Vapours, T.L.C Kit, U.V. Cabinets, Catalytic Hydrogenator etc and many more items like Metalware, Silica and Teflon items. Separate division produces and calibrates glassware and instruments as per ‘NABL’ standards.
Our products are also sold throughout India through a large network of distributors and dealers.
In addition to our large Labware range, we added industry-leading brands like Labomed, Polylab, Equitron, REMI etc. in our portfolio to fulfill our customers need under one roof.
Catalytic Hydrogenation

Catalytic Hydrogenation

Product Price: Rs 86,845 / UnitGet Best Price

Product Details:
PhaseSingle Phase
Model NoPCH-500
Bottle Capacity500 ml
Power SourceElectric
Voltage230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Motor Power1 HP
R/250 Catalytic Hydrogenation Apparatus Low Pressure Shaker type Model PCH-500 (Glass Reaction Bottle 500ml.)
R/250F Catalytic Hydrogenation Apparatus Low Pressure Shaker type Model PCH-500 with Flame Proof Motor & Glass Reaction Bottle 500ml.
R/250/01 Electric Heater Ring Type: For use when reactions at elevated temperature are required. Temperature up to 100°C can be produced without interfering with the shaker reaction.
R/250/03 Temperature Control Unit: For heater, operated by a knob, continuously variable.
R/250/06 Tested Glass reaction bottle capacity 250ml.
R/250/08 Metal gauge and aluminium block for holding 250ml. reaction bottle in shaking mechanism.
Replacement parts for Model PCH-500
R/250/09 Glass reaction bottle 500ml.
R/250/11 V-Belt for the shaking mechanism
R/250/12 Silicon Bush for 500ml. bottle
R/250/15 Silicon Bush for 250ml. bottle
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UV Cabinet

UV Cabinet

Product Price: Rs 6,250 / approxGet Best Price

Product Details:
Size/Dimension15"X12"X10" (H)
Light Source3 Nos , Short Wave -254nm-1no, Long Wave-365nm, Visible Light
MaterialMild Steel
Voltage230 V AC
Base Measures370 x 300 mm
Tube Size12" Long
View PlaceAluminum Casting With Eye Protection
Handy U.V. Lamp with long wave (365nm) U.V. light
Handy U.V. Lamp with short wave (254nm) U.V. light
Handy U.V. Lamp with both short and long wave U.C. light
Handy U.V. Lamp having pre-filtered long wave light source and short wave source fitted with special filter.

U.V. Chromatography inspection cabinet for viewing and detecting separated substances on T.L.C. layers fitted with long wave (365nm) U.V. Source for use on 230 V.A.C.
U.V. Inspection Cabinet (Short Wave)
U.V. Chromatography inspection cabinet for viewing and detecting separated substances on T.L.C. layers fitted with short wave (254nm) U.V. Source for use on 230 V.A.C.
U.V. Inspection Cabinet (Dual Wave)
U.V. Cabinet with both long wave (365nm) and short wave (254 nm) tubes but without filter
Ultra Violet Flouroscence Inspection Cabinet, Dual Wave (Metal Body) Epoxy Painted Fitted with separate U.V. Tube for short wave (254 nm) through imported filter, pre-filtered U.V. tube for long wave (365 nm)
Ultra Violet Flouroscence Inspection Cabinet, Dual Wave (Fibre Body) Fitted with separate U.V. Tube for short wave (254 nm) through imported filter, pre-filtered U.V. tube for long wave (365 nm)
Ultra Violet Flouroscence Inspection Cabinet Deluxe Model
Large illumination Area. Epoxy painted Dual wave having imported filters fitted below low pressure mercury vapour tubes for short U.V. (254 nm) and long U.V. (355 nm) Plus separate tube for white light.
U.V. Inspection Cabinet (Triple Wave)
Triple Wave U.V. Flouroscence inspection Cabinet Deluxe model Epoxy Painted with 3 separate U.V. Source one for short U.V. (254 nm) one for middle U.V. (302 nm) and one for long UV (365 nm)
This mechanism is used for slab gel electrophoresis, TLC, Forensic Examination & D.N.A. Analysis. Transilluminators provide ultraviolet illumination from beneath the sample. The can be used in conjunction with a U.V. viewing cabinet to give grater intensity of illumination.
Universal U.V. transilluminators with filter, 302 nm
Provides extremely high irradiation to examine weakly excitable samples, strong mild steel (M.S.) body epoxy coated by electrostatic powder-spray and fusion by heat, with barrier filter and interlocked cover for eye safety and safety against irradiation of operator.
Window area 50x 75 mm for middle wave 302 ultra violet having 2 MID-UV tubes fitted with high efficiency UV filter to prevent visible light from UV sources reaching the sample and thereby allowing the faintest fluorescence phenomenon to be detected.
U.V. transilluminators 360nm, 6 tubes
External case is made of thick steel epoxy paint, Window covered with fixed U.V. transparent sheet, six 360nm. U.V. source are fixed beneath the window. An exhaust fan is fixed for cooling.
U.V. transilluminators 312nm, 6 tubes
Same as R/350/06 but 312nm Tubes.
U.V. Transilluminators (Dual Model)
This is a conjuct mechanism of ultra violet & White light Sources. U.V. can be used to examine slab gel electrophoresis, TLC, D.N.A. & Nucleic Acids. White light section can be used for viewing coomassie blue stained gel, silver stained proteins gels, autoradigraphs & Microtiter plates.
This mechanism has two windows, one covered with U.V. transparent sheet & the other is covered with white translucent sheet, six 360nm U.V. sources & four white light sources are fixed beneath the windows. 
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Membrane Filter Holders

Membrane Filter Holders

Product Price: Rs 5,000 / approxGet Best Price

Product Details:
Usage/ApplicationChemical Laboratory
MaterialStainless Steel
Filter Diameter47 mm
Filtration Area12.5 cm
Funnel Capacity250 ml
Membrane Filter Holders Made of SS lid, funnel, base and clamp having filter support screen, silicon gasket and Teflon sealing ring in the lid. Used in microbiological quality control as well as for analytical determination e.g. of metal particiles in lubricating oil, iron oxides in boiler water.
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Rotary Vacuum Evaporator R150

Rotary Vacuum Evaporator R150

Product Price: Rs 99,000 / approxGet Best Price

Product Details:
Capacity5 liters
Frequency50 Hz
Voltage230 V
Drive Speed50 to 250 rpm
Automatic GradeSemi-Automatic
Accuracy+/-1 Degree C
Rotary Vacuum Evaporator, Rotavap Series Diagonal Condenser, Model PBU-6 This model of evaporator is supplied complete with geared drive unit offering smooth speed control by analog knob, Jack arrangement fitted on base unit for positioning glass assembly, Double walled water bath thermostatically controlled temp., glass condenser double coiled with three opening for vacuum and cooling, pear (kjeldhal) shaped evaporating flask capacity 800 ml., receiver flask capacity one liter fitted with a ball joint, feeding tube and vapour path tube a complete working unit. The same unit can be supplied with round bottom one liter capacity evaporating flask instead of 800ml. per shape.
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Chiller for Evaporators R/196

Chiller for Evaporators R/196

Product Price: Rs 75,000 / approxGet Best Price

Product Details:
Surface FinishingPowder Coated
Cooling Temperature5 deg C
Power SourceElectric
Number of Wheels4
Outer MaterialMild Steel
Inner MaterialStainless Steel
Refrigerated Water Circulator 
Outer MS Powder Coated, inner water tank of rust proof S.S., built in water circulating pump with cooling coil ensures perfect cooling from 5deg C. to below ambient. Digital temperature indicator cum controller. Ideal for use with Rotary Vacuum Evaporators.
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Oil Free Vacuum Pump R/212

Oil Free Vacuum Pump R/212

Product Price: Rs 22,500 / approxGet Best Price

Product Details:
Max Flow Rate15 (lts/ min)
Motor Power1/20 Hp
Max Vacuum22'' (in. Hg.)
Max Press25 (Psig)
Oil Free portable vacuum cum pressure pump. A portable diaphragm type vacuum pumps cum oil-free air compressors manufactured from special grade aluminium for light weight and strength, Built in Micro Suction Filter.

Vacuum gauge with regulator Catalytic Hydrogenation Apparatus Low Pressure Shaker type Acompact until for chemical reactions which require the agitation of a solution in the presence of gas under pressure up to 60 lbs. per square inch. Recommended for numerous reducation and condensation reactions which arise in the synthesis and investigation of organic compounds and which are accomplished conveniently by treatments with hydrogen in the presence of suitable catalyst.

Technical Details:
Catalogue no. Model Max. Flow (lts/ min) Max. Vacuum (in. Hg.) Max. Press (Psig)
R/212/06 OFD-15-D 15 27’’ 35
R/212/08 OFD-25-D 25 22’’ 25
R/212/10 OFD-45-S 45 22’’ 40
R/212/12 OFD-45-CRP 30 22’’ 20
R/212/14 OFD-45-D 45 27’’ 60
R/212/16 OFD-75-D 75 22’’ 45
R/212/18 OFD-45-FM* 45 22’’ 30
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Product Price: Rs 9,950 / PieceGet Best Price

Product Details:
MaterialStainless Steel
Size38 x 23 x 20 cm
Surface FinishingPolished
Perspex Base Size114 x 23 cm
Glass Plates of Size20 x 20 or 10 of 20 x 10 cm
R/340Tin Layer Chromatography Kit Model PC-9. This unit is base on German pattern Developed by thickness adjustment arrangement between 0 to movable 2mm.Model PC-9 has the following components:-
a) Spreader (Applicator) made of electroplated brass.
b) Perspex base size 114 x 23 cm. to support 5 glass plates of size 20 x 20 or 10 of 20 x 10 cm. and two plates of 20 x 5 cm.
c) Drying plate rack anodized alluminium for ten 20 x 20cm. plates.
d) Spotting Template Perspex.
e) Developing tank with lid.
f) Five Glass plates 20 x 20cm. and two end plates 20 x 5 cm. or Ten 20 x 10 cm. and two 20 x 5 cm. plates.
g) Micro pipette corning glass.
h) Scriber.
i) Glass Sprayer with rubber bellow.
j) Instruction Manual
Optional Accessories for T.L.C. Model PC-9
R/340/02Draining rack for holding washed plates in angular position so that water can drop off over corner of wet plates before coating.
R/340/03Plate rack made of stainless steel to hold vertically two plates of 20 x 20 cm. in developing tank
R/340/ALDrying plate rack made of anodized alluminium for plates of 20 x 20 cm.
R/340/04T.L.C. Plate storage Teakwood Cabinet for transport and storage of coated plates, sealed against air humidity. Size: 38 x 23 x 20 cm.
R/340/05Dessicator Cabinet, this is used for storing plates in thin Layer Chromatography and for general laboratory work. Mae of hick alluminium sheet with stout glass door with rubber gasket. A tray for silica gel desiccant and two perforated shelves are provided.
Inner Dimension
Height x Width x Depth
Size 30 x 50 x 35cm.
Replacement and Additional parts for T.L.C Model PC-9
R/340/01Spare T.L.C. Applicator Electroplated Brass. Inbuilt thickness adjustment from 0-2 mm. (Minimum div 0.25mm)
R/340/08Spare Perspex base (white Acrylic) size 114 x 23cm. to support glass plates
R/340/07Spotting Template Perspex
R/340/11Glass plate all sides ground 20 x 20cm
R/340/13Glass plate all sides ground 20 x 10cm
R/340/15Glass plate all sides ground 20 x 5cm
R/340/17Chromatography tank with cover for 20 x 20 cm. plates
R/340/19Chromatography tank with cover for 20 x 10 cm. plates
R/340/21Chromatography tank with cover for 20 x 5 cm. plates
R/340/23Glass sprayer with rubber below.
R/340/25T.L.C. Micro pipette
Pipettes, Micro (Lambda) for T.L.C. single mark
Catalogue no.Capacity Lambda
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Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump R/200

Oil Sealed Vacuum Pump R/200

Product Price: Rs 25,000 / approxGet Best Price

Product Details:
TypeSingle Stage
Model Name/NumberVP-50 S
MaterialCast Iron
Voltage320 V
Electric Motor0.25 Hp
Free Air Displacement50 ltrs/ min
Power SourceElectric
Rotary High Vacuum Pumps, Oil Sealed Belt driven,
Air cooled, mounted on base plate with belt guard. Fitted with superior quality electric motor 220 volts A.C. single phase
Catalogue no.ModelTypeElectric Motor H.P.Free Air Displacement ltrs/ min
R/200/02 VP-50 S Single Stage 0.25 50
R/200/04 VP-50 D Double Stage 0.25 50
R/200/06 VP-75 S Single Stage 0.5 75
R/200/08 VP-75 S Double Stage 0.5 75
R/200/10 VP-100 S Single Stage 0.5 100
R/200/12 VP-100 D Double Stage 0.5 100
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